Top Menu - Display Page_Title

CS Cart v.3.0.4 Pro:

I'm looking for a way to display the page_title (of a category) in the Top Menu as opposed to the category name. The current variable used is {$item1.$name} and it is in topmenu_dropdown.tpl.

$items is an array and I do not know how to get the information I need into that array so that I can call something like {$item1.$page_title} instead.

Any help is appreciated. I'm under some time constraints.

PS - I need to do this to the breadcrumbs, too, but I figure that if you can help me fix the Top Menu, I can figure out how to fix the breadcrumbs.

I was able to accomplish my task by adding some separate functions in one of the fn.php files that specifically called for the page_title in the db.

However, I found that adding '?:category_descriptions.page_title', to the $fields array in fn_get_categories in fn.catalog.php will add the page_title to the array and allow you to use it in the topmenu_dropdown.tpl as $item1.$title when you add title=“page_title” to categories_dropdown_horizontal.tpl.

If that makes any sense… I doubt anyone will have this exact problem, but if they do, this how to fix it.