Top menu changes help?

Hi all,

Having just spent days modifying another cart system (am comparing it with Cs-Cart), I thought I would try to save myself hours of tinkering time by asking the forum for help with the following changes.

I am, frankly, also testing out the Cs-Cart forum to see if it will be more helpful than the forum for the (other nameless cart system), since I’m coming to appreciate just how valuable community help is!

Here’s the test site I’m developing: [url][/url]

I would like to:

[1] Remove both the “Sign in or Register” and Currency links from the top right

[2] Move the cart and checkout links to the right side of that bar instead of the left

[3] Drop the search links down to where the cart/checkout links were, and then

[4] Remove that top bar completely (too much screen real estate)

If someone could direct me to the appropriate templates and code lines for the above, I would be VERY grateful.

Thanks in advance,


You might want to familiarize yourself with the basic architecutre/functionality of cs-cart. I wrote this last year but it’s still mostly accurate: [url][/url]

What you want to do is a pretty straightforward modification that can be done using “hooks” for the top.tpl an other templates called from the main.tpl file.

Easiest thing is to enable customization mode in the Admin panel and then select the template you want to view to see what hooks are avaliable for it. Be sure to check the parent to ensure that you can’t just replace the leaf-node template with your own custom version.