Top-container blocks displayed per category

Hi all,

Relatively new to Smarty hooks and very new to the CS-Cart system, but so far so good. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on breaking the top container section, which currently displays on all pages by default?

I'm trying to implement a particular HTML block and menu block to be displayed on a per-category basis in the top container with minimal editing of core files - preferably by using blocks, but happy to use hooks if the need be.

My client's company is multi-branded and we're trying to allow customers to navigate both by singular brands, and by general product categories across all brands - hence the two-layered nav bar that changes by active category. Have a look at it here:


From the images below: 1.png shows the index location at /cstemp, with the top nav bar with the home and logo icons (currently a HTML block) running horizontally at the top, and the categories menu (also a block) running horizontally below it.

When the user navigates to /cstemp/airwrap/ in image 2.png, I'd like the top-container blocks to change to the appropriate 'airwrap' top nav bar icons (a different HTML block) and the appropriate 'airwrap' menu block.

At the moment the CSS changes are implemented by using which calls upon the categories unique SEO name to determine what CSS values to utilise. Is there a similar approach that can designate what blocks or HTML content to use?

If someone has implemented this functionality to their site before, I'd be really keen to know more about your methods - thanks in advance for any advice you guys can offer here!



I've successfully implemented this in our storefront - by calling on the SEO name and ensuring products and categories share a keyword that can determine what menu/skin to show. If anyone needs this on their installation, contact me.