$top and banners

I am looking for what is putting some table tags into my page

I am using banners and have put my banners into the top block - the only thing I am outputting for the top and what is happening is some table tags are being written out to the page like this:

any ideas where I need to look guys.
its not in the addons/banners/block/original.tpl and not in the main image.tpl


Download this toll and search for the string in your CS-Cart installation folder.


the problem Indy is that the string is probably being made - especially the class name with some smarty if statements here and there - I already did a quick search nothing - hence the question :slight_smile:

FYI - asked cscart and paid 5 credits for it - thought I would share

core/templater_plugins/function.block.php does in fact output that table.