Tooltip on Add To Cart Button


I would like a tool tip to pop up when the user does a mouseover over the “add to cart” button. An example of EXACTLY what I am looking for can be found on " (mouseover the button that says “Buy License”) and on " (mouseover the button that says “Buy A Lease”). I would like the tooltip be exactly the same as those two (Immediate popup, and the tooltip follows the cursor during the mouseover). I would also like to be able to change the text whenever I choose to do so. An example of what I would like the text inside the tooltip to say is “$39.95 - Instant download of full length, untagged, high-quality MP3 w/ a Non-Exclusive License, also called a lease, which allows you to use the beat for basic radio and performance use and sell up to 2,000 commerical (for-profit) copies such as albums, mixtapes and paid internet downloads.” Please let me know how difficult this will be.

-CS-Cart Version 2.0.7

-CS-Cart Basic Skin admin panel

-CS-Cart Basic Skin customer