Too Much Time To Load The Sales Reports ! Any Help

Hi all we are a non profit site with 240 projects for now

every thing is moving smooth in our site even after upgrading the version to V4

one thing is the time when i ask for any Sales report is too much and slow until it is back with the results

it takes about 1 min to show the last year report orders which they are 67698 order

so is this is normal due to the big number of orders or u think there is something we can do to fix this issue

note that when just click the view orders button to see the orders within any period of time it takes 3 seconds to view all the results

any help is appreciated

Assalamu alaikum,

A request is simple on the manage orders page. On the sales reports page, the request is more difficult and probably he runs long.

Try to examine mysql long queries log. Maybe need to add some indexes to database tables.

Thank you.

It is hard to say anything, examination is required. Try to contact CS-Cart support team or hire someone from this forum