Too many URL's on homepage

I’ve been looking on a few Meta Tag Analyzer sites and they are all telling me that I’ve got too many URL’s on my homepage.

Apparently some Search Engines have problems with more than 100 urls on a page and most of my pages have between 100 and 200 URL’s.

Is this a major problem?

If so, does anyone know how I can sort it out?

You can view my homepage here:

Hi Faith,

Can you confirm that these website are focused on ecommerce stores?

A large majority of them are centered around small websites that have no more then 50 pages. Obviously your store has a few bit more so it may not be worth the time looking in to these applications.


Thanks Jesse

They probably weren’t e-commerce based.

Can you recommend any sites that may be able to help, or is it not worth looking at any?

Not really.

eCommerce is a bit too dynamic to consider the possibility of scripts producing useful results. If anything I use to check overall load times and a few other elements however I rarely use it anymore.

Thanks Jesse, I’ll have a look at :smiley:

Hey Doddles,

Like Jesse mentioned, the reporting site that you had used probably wasn’t developed for an Ecommerce site. With in-depth menus, products, and help pages - you’re going to typically have more internal linking than the average website.

In my opinion, as long as all most of those links are pointing internally (which they are) rather than externally you will be fine.

Thanks pbradish

Any help I can get with a bit of seo is much appreciated.

Most of my links are internal, so I’ll ignore that particular report if I see it again on any meta or seo analyzing software. :smiley:

Whilst I’m on the subject… I tried and all seems ok, but in the HTML check, there are no HTML errors, but there are 57 warnings.

That’s obviously not right, but can you tell me exactly how I might get errors like that?

Also, my load time only got 1/10 because it was 55.27 seconds. Are there any tips on how I might improve that too?