Too many bugs in Service Pack 3 for CS-Cart 1.3.4?

I’ve got two licenses myself, about to purchase another one in that later months.

To answer you questions simply : Yes

To give you more depth of faith read on,

All products has development life cycles and CS-cart is the all the same if you look at it from that perspective. What the import part is that with the sheer amount of features that is provided by default it’s expected that some bugs exist.

If you look at the CS-CART thread stating “Over $1000 of free mods” you’ll come to understand what is included by default, without extra cost. Remove those features and what you have is a VERY simple cart. I’m not sure what you are planning to sell, whether you require all these features however I do know the most simple things are the easist to build and fix.

I started out on these forums at version 1.3.3 Sp1, within 3 weeks I was greeted with 1.3.4 and sequentual updates till the current 1.3.4 Sp3. During this time I have overseen development and bug reports many being reported by users that made a simple mistake and otherwise that of which are not part of the ‘offical bug report’ Simply take a long look at the Windows Operating System and you’ll notice more bugs and security holes then swiss cheese but yet most people still run it. Why cause it’s got all the features that the very user requires.

Now that the philosopy has been stated I’ll mention the overall lifecycle of bugs. I presented CS-Cart forums with a thread on the 22nd of March 2007 to ensure I wasn’t the only one at fault, two days later I submitted a bug report to cs-development (Friday 24th of March) the very next business day I recieved my fix, and consequently so did the forum. That’s a turn around of less then 2 business days.

I guess what I can say here is that support exists and you’re not going to be left out in the cold. There is a support period purchasable from cs-cart, Bug fixes are free, the forum provides over 85% of solutions due to our hardworking members and you’ll find many different ‘issues’ with all carts.

A few users here are actually moderators at otherforums and/or have a few licenses to othercarts prior to immigrating here.

Final word : If it didn’t have this many features to assist you in selling your goods then there wouldn’t be as many bugs as you see now. Its not intentional, bugs are part of all development processes. I have also beta tested in the past so rest assured something is always working behind the scenes.


Jesse-Lee Stringer