To many connections in import module?

Hi. here is my problem. i have 2.0.6 shared hosting for now.

I have a cron job set to do an auto update from my wholesaler xml to my shop .i have a script i build that uses the import module to do that.

My hosting contacted me and told me that i have 400 connections coming from this cron job.

Now i contacted the programmer that created the import scrip and he told me he dont use sql at all for this script just the import module and maybe there is a bug or something in the import module that creates this many connections.

Is that possible?

First off assume you are talking about database connections.

  1. Why would you access the DB directly rather than converting the data into something the cart can import via its API?
  2. It would help to see some of your code and/or the method you’re using to get logged into the admin area for an import script to work.