to change licensed domain

Some my customer ask, after the buy license. Can I change my licensed domain if ruquired?

Yes, it is required that you contact cs-cart support to inform them and conseqently change the license information.

thanks, another question.

Step 1. Back up all of MYSQL

Step 2. Download whole ftp files from old domain

Step 3. Upload all downloaded ftp files to new domain

Step 4. What should I change in SQL file to be everthing ok in new domain.???

This totally depends on your host, mysql prefix’s and functions.

It would be best that you consult your webhosting company or otherwise someone knowledgeable as there is a lot that can go wrong when moving servers.

What you posted would seem the normal steps however you’ld need to change the url in config.php. Additional to this your sql database prefix will most likely change when you move.

thanks Jesse.

Not required for now. Thanks for useful information.