tinymce image upload probleme

Possible bug in tinymce image upload , see the screenshoot

tiny upload pictures corectly but in the root folder :confused: and the screen browser is empty , is not possible to see the uploaded picture.

any issue to change the path of directory for upload pictures in another directrory ?per example in


I just tested this on the beta site and it appears to work fine, is this a possible issue with the cart language that it won’t work with another language other then english?

tested in english and is the same way …not work . :confused:

particular chmod ?

I must reinstall in full stock to see if change this…

all the files are standard on “non-seeable”. You have to chmod all the uploaded files to 777 or else pictures can not be seen.



just an fyi I have reported this issue to cs…

probleme is resoved , is not a bug of cs-cart , my hosting OVH not accept chmod 777 , maximum 755 for folder , if 777= error 500

all picture is corect and rewrite works corectly


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