does anyone know how to convert the timestamp to something usuable in excel. is there a formula of any kind to do a simple convert or is there a way to change a setting so that it is no longer a UNIX timestamp and is something else right within the table. This is a big issue for us as we doing all of our order processing in excel. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I got it. thanks anyway.

for anyone who is having the same problem here is the solution pretty easy

take the timestamp and divide it by 86400 and then add 25569 to the result.

=UnixTime / 86400 + 25569

this will give you a workable value in excel

for example 38854.68098

you can then do a

=month(of the cell with 38854.68098 )

=day(of the cell with 38854.68098 )

=year(of the cell with 38854.68098 )

if you want to put them all together