Time issue in admin area


I am new to cs-cart and I have created a new e-shop.

(when I refer to dates below, I mean: day/month/year)

The statistics area has statistics up to 08/07/2009 although it is 09/07/2009 here and

when I click in the 08/07/2009 visits I see that there are a lot of 09/07/2009 visits in

there. Something is not working as it should in that area.

In the logs area I see that I logged in at 09/07/2009, 11:06 although I logged in at

09/07/2009, 09:06.

In the orders area the time the orders were placed is correct.

Although I live in a timezone of GMT+3, I had to set the cs-cart timezone to GMT-3 in

order to view the correct time the orders were placed.

I am confused, is there a bug in the times cs-cart displays or is there something

that I have I not understood?