Time in cart 1 hour behind

I checked the server time via cPanel, it is correct and then I checked the “Users Online” link in the CS-Cart Dashboard, it is logging visits 1 hour behind. I checked Design/Appearance/Common Settings, it has the correct time zone.

Even more frustrating I created a text file via cPanel and saved it to the sever root, the time of the file was 1 hour ahead, but when I downloaded the file to my computer it had the correct creation time.

Is there somewhere else I can check to find out why the cart is logging times 1 hour behind the server time?

Yeah, it’s messed up in the database. I posted a thread in the bug forum. All of the timezones are completely opposite. Also, even though it is not recommended to use the format of “Ect/GMT-6”, according to php.net, CS still continues to use it.

I just submitted a ticket so hopefully this will be a quick fix.

You can fix it yourself if you know how to edit the database. Here is my other post: [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=11145[/url]

Make the changes so they correlate with each other. Also, I would recommend using America/Chicago format instead of Ect/GMT-6

Yeah I have no idea what those numbers represent nor how to fix this as you suggested.

Help desk response:

[QUOTE]Please check your administration timezone settings with your summertime. Since there is no option that would consider summertime in the store you have to change the timezone manually. It is on the “Appearance settings” page, the link is located in the “Design” tab.[/QUOTE]

As such I consider this issue fixed!

LOL I guess if you consider changing the time manually everytime time changes is a fix, then so be it. If, like I said previously, CS used America/Chicago rather than Ect/GMT-6 then nothing would have to be changed manually.

I am willing to try anything at this point the site is on localhost. As before I have no idea how to implement the timezone as you suggested.

What is your timezone?


In the table cscart_settings_variants change Etc/GMT-8 to America/Los_Angeles

I appreciate you trying to help me but your suggestion did not work. At my time 17:05 (505pm) the cart still shows 16:05 (405pm).



Look in your phpinfo (Admin–>Database–>php info) This will tell you what your timezone actually is.



Got it! Was Etc/GMT+7.

Thank you sir!

No problem. That’s why I was stating in the other thread that everything was assbackwards. LOL