Tiered discounts by category?

I’m moving to CS-Cart from another shopping cart. On my existing cart I can offer a tiered discount per category–the more a person orders in that category, the greater the discount, like this:

2-5 Books-10% off

6-10 Books-20% off

11-15 Books-30% off

16-20 Books-35% off

21-49 Books-40% off

Over 50 Books -50% off

I’ve tried to replicate this in CS-Cart but am having no luck. I’m trying to do it by price, not by number of books, i.e. $15 or more attracts 10% discount, $45 or more attracts a 20% discount and so on.

However, CS-Cart accumulates the discount. In other words, if I order $45 worth of books, I get the 20% for buying that much, PLUS another 10% for buying $15 worth.

I’ve also tried setting it up so that each tier shaves off a further 10%, but then no matter how high you go, it only takes 10% off. Weird.

Anyone know how to do what I’m doing? I don’t want to simply do quantity discounts per product because I want my customers to be able to mix and match within that particular category. If it’s by product, then they may get 20% off for buying $45 worth of product A, but then if they also buy $45 worth of product B, they still only get 20% off their total order, whereas I would like them to get 30% off because they bought $90 worth.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Too bad this can’t be done. I thought I was upgrading to a BETTER shopping cart. :mad:

:lol: :lol: