Thumbnails: wrong folder

Hello all,

I’m having a problem which drives me mad. Please help!

I configured and added all products on my local PC (cs-cart v 2.1.2) . Moved the cart to the server successfully. upgraded it to the latest version 2.1.3 and got the following problem:

When I add a new product and choose a thumbnail to upload from my local pc it gets uploaded to images/product/0/*.jpg If I go to the product page the thumbnail is not displayed. I looked at the source code of the webpage and found out that the path to the thumbnail is images/thumbnails/0/120/.jpg - why is that??? What needs to be changed to correct the path. I’m tired of manually duplicating the thumbnails to the second path…

Please help!

Part of the automatic thumbnail generating mechanism.

Whenever CS-Cart generates an image now it places it in a subdirectory named for its width.

When you upload your image and allow CS-Cart to generate a product thumbnail that is 120px wide, you will find it in the 120 subdirectory. If it generates other widths (70, 40 etc.) you will see those thumbnail subdirectories as well.

This is fairly new as a feature - it didn’t always work that way, but the caching system for the cart has gone through a lot of enhancements.

Fair enough but still don’t understand why if I ask cs-cart to upload a thumbnail from my pc it gets uploaded to images/product/0/*.jpg however, if I go to product live page the thumbnail is missing because the path is different images/thumbnails/0/120/.jpg

The question is how to teach cs-cart to upload the images to images/thumbnails/0/120/ ?