Thumbnail Pictures

Hi guys, I have a quick question about the pictures that are displayed on the individual product pages. When I click on a product it bring up the product page, good. However, the image that is displayed is the thumbnail image, I want the full size image. Does anyone know where this is and how I can switch it? Thanks in advance guys.


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What is the size of your thumbnail and detailed image ? Can you demonstrate ?

you can control the thumbnail sizes here:

[url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

there is also a Thumbnail width on product list page setting here:

[url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

[quote name=‘Herbaria’]anybody?..bueler?[/QUOTE]

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By the way, I’d remove the active link via IP. Google may index it and then ding you later for duplicate content.

the thumbnails are 120 x 120 and the larger size is 470 x 360. I want the larger one to display while on a detailed product page and the smaller thumbnails when a customer is looking at a list of products. The thumbnail settings didnt seem to it.

heres an example of what i want: [url][/url]

I figured it out. If anyone else wants to know all you have to do is use the larger image as your thumbnail image, then tell CSC to automatically generate a 120x120 thumbnail from that image. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been searching the forums and this product thumbnail image problem seems to be quite common for everyone.

I found simple answers but no answers for people who imported vast amounts of products and images.

Not going to go through and select a larger image for my products page for hundreds of products.

I know the answer just can’t find where to change the code.

The code for the product images calls for the “small” ( _S) to be used.

All I need to do is change that code to “medium” ( _M ) or “large” ( _L )

Where would that be found ? Also whats the code line if it doesn’t show the S , M , Or L in it ?