Thumbnail Images - Blurred

We are in the process of setting up a new cart and are new to CS Cart.

Although things are going okay, I have notice that images on the product page are blurred.

Catagory Images set to 150px (Okay)

Product Images set to 250px (Blurred)

Enlarged Product Detail set ro 700px (Okay)

Sample product page with blurred image - [url][/url]

Any help would be appreciated.

What size are your original images?

It is because the you are displaying an image which is 150px at a larger size of 250px, try uploading a larger size image for the product


First, did you upload a separate image for the thumbnail? I found this happen when you upload two images in manual mode.

We used Cart2Cart to migrate all the data from one site to the other and this included images.

In the old cart we had 3 images set at 150, 250 & 700

I have uploaded the image again for the thumbnail and larger image using our 700x700 image and it now looks like this: [url][/url]

No longer blurred, but with almost a 1000 products is there an easier way to alter all the images without having to upload everyone?

We used cart2cart to migrate all the products (1000+) and images.

I have uploaded a new image for the thumbnail and enlarged image here: [url][/url]

It all looks okay, are we now going to have to upload all the images individually or is there a bulk uploader.

How about trying to upload all your images via ftp to the “images/backup” directory.

Then hopefully all your images have names that make sence. mine are like thumbnail “171-87.jpg” the detail image "171-87d.jpg

Then if you have all the products and image names in a spread sheet you can name the columns like “Product code” “Thumbnail” “Detailed image” . With a little spread sheet magic you can easly add the path (images/backup/) to the image file names. Save these three columns to a CVS file, import them throught the admin panel.

Hope this helps.


Using FTP if we uploaded the 700x700 images from our current site then downloaded them to overwrite the 150x150 thumbs would this work as it must be same as uploading a new 700x700 image for each product in admin, which is what worked in the reply above.

Also which folder are the thumbs kept in?

In the setting panel you have 3 images:

  1. product list (thumbnail)
  2. product detail page image (thumbnail)
  3. Detailed product image (original image)

    a. You can populate image #3. (“Detailed image” column in your CSV file), but you have to set the size for the other two in the thumbnail setting panel.

    b. You can also populate image #2 (“thumbnail” column in you CSV file) but, you’ll need to set only “product list” to 150px in the setting panel. If you don’t, cs-cart will use this image for both thumbnails.

    You can read this post, it could give you more ideas: Import product detail thumbnail in CSV

Used FTP to copy the ‘detailed’ image into the thumbnail 250 folder and it works a treat.