thoughts on Points Payment

I am currently building a CS-Cart installation with products which may only be purchased with points. The points are awarded to employees based on work performance, sales goals, etc. Displaying a cash value detracts from the “prize” psychology. The project doesn’t require any of the Points accrual functionality of the Reward Points addon.

As I understand it, the existing Reward Points can’t be configured to be the sole payment method. In addition, Reward Points can’t be used to pay for shipping costs.

As a partial solution, I’ve setup a new currency called “Points” with an exchange rate matching my points/dollars ratio (sign = pts, decimals = 0, etc). I then disable US Dollars. Now, every price and shipping cost is displayed in the Points currency.

With this approach, I just need a Points Payment Method with some balance tracking functionality. This would be a new addon that would allow the user to see their balance and allow the admin to view/edit their balance.

I’d welcome input on this. Perhaps someone has already found a solution?



balance tracking solution, really a good idea.

thanks for that