Thoughts and reviews about our forum

Thank you for your quick actions.

We tested the edit function and it worked.

We will apply edit only to the main thread posts and not to the changelog posts, so it will not be too many edits.

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Are all of my personal messages gone? I had an ongoing conversation with one of the developers and I can’t find it.

Hi Cindy.

Unfortunately, private messages were not transferred to our new forum.

I’m sorry for any possible inconvenience…

external links dont open in new windows

and I find the new “look” to be quite “busy” but will probably get used to it


New forum allows each user to configure the way that external links are opened according to their own needs & taste.

Please navigate to preferences page of your Discourse account and check the Open all external links in a new tab setting. Don’t forget to save changes.


I miss some of the more advanced search options which were available in the old forum, for example searching by post tags.
Also, this is just a personal opinion, but the contrast between black background and snow-white links on the forum homepage is almost blinding. I feel like gray background would be much better.

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Thank you for your detailed feedback.

Could you please clarify, what tags did you use?

Our new forum engine allows to create tags as well, however we haven’t enabled this feature yet, since we don’t see enough benefits in it.

As for the contast background - you can switch between several colour palletes for each normal mode and dark mode. Just visit preferences of your Discourse account, navigate to Interface tab and check Color Scheme setting.

Oh, I did not know that there are several color palettes available. Thank you.

Regarding tags, we’re regularly posting in Third-Party add-ons: Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor Community Forums and in old forum, each of our posts was tagged with ID of an add-on. This way, customers could quickly find them in Marketplace, and vice versa - they could find an add-on in Marketplace, search for its ID and find our topic about it.

I know this is probably a niche usage, but still would be nice to have it.


I am not impressed with the new forum. The old one was less confusing. At least we could search the post and less confusing. It also seems that some of the posts were removed. I just truly dislike and am definitely not comfortable reading the style of a forum. What happened to simplicity?

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Sorry, but I REALLY dislike the style of the new forum. It’s literally difficult to look at it.

Just thought I would say, I hated the new format at first … but right you are, liking it more and more.

The stats are good, the trust level I like, that when you start writing a post it comes up with similar posts is also a bonus.

The only suggestion I have is with some of the stucture, e.g. now that cs-cart is store builder I think it makes more sense to have some categories under a banner that covers both store builder and multi-vendor e.g. the developer category … maybe some of the more general stuff too e.g. issues and trouble shooting, hints and mods etc. I have multi-vendor but regularly posted in cs-cart general questions and a lot of content in there is relevant to both products.

Hi everyone!

Last weekend we updated our forum engine to the latest version, which includes many improvements to search performance. In addition, we have added several key features that should improve the user experience of interacting with our forum.

What’s new:

  1. New banner on the home page. It should make navigation easier for new users by providing a quick transition to the desired external resources.
  2. Resolved Topics. Thread authors and moderators can now mark replies in threads as “solutions”. In this case, the topic would be marked as resolved and automatically closed after a certain amount of time. Now you do not have to scroll through all the messages in search of an answer, it will be enough to look at the answer in the very first message of the topic.
  3. New reactions for messages. Now you can use other emojis as “like” instead of simple (and only) heart.
  4. Banners for categories and subcategories. Sections and subsections of the forums received banners with section descriptions. If these banners are missing somewhere, we will definitely fix it :slight_smile:
  5. List of online users. Authorized users now see a list of online users on the forum.

As before - for any forum questions, you can either write in this thread, or you can directly contact me in Private Messages.

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