Thoughts and reviews about our forum

Hey everyone!

We switched our beloved forum from the old (and poor) IPBoard forum engine to a new and shiny one—Discourse!

Why is the new forum better?

  • Everything you need is at hand. On the old forum, the bug tracker and voting for ideas to improve CS-Cart had to be found in the site header. Now there are separate sections for these, which are easier to find.

  • Writing messages just got easier. The post editor in the new forum is simpler. It has all the necessary tools, and the post preview is always open next to the editing window.

  • Navigation has become more convenient. You can choose in which mode to view the forum. By default, the list of topics is open, but you can make the list of recently active topics the home page (which is how our staff usually read the forum).

Do I have an account on the new forum?
We have moved all messages and users from the old forum to the new one. Your account was migrated if you have ever written at least one message.But your password was not transferred. This is due to security reasons and the difference in how IPBoard and Discourse manage passwords.To re-gain access to your account in the new forum, use this link to recover your password.

Can I use the old forum?
No, the old forum was completely replaced by the new one, so you cannot use our old forum anymore.
By the way, the new forum has a dedicated About section. Here you will see the forum team, learn how to contact us, and read the forum rules and our privacy policy.

We hope you enjoy the new forum. Write about your impressions in this thread.


Who can help me out? I cannot log in with my old user credentials, but the system won’t send me a reset password email. My old username is kingsleypress. The email address associated with that username is a email address. I’m guessing that is why the reset email is not reaching me. Sometimes people have problems reaching me with that email address. So now what? I want to use my old username on here and still have access to my old posts and PMs. Who do I contact to get this sorted out?

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If it helps, it took like 6 hours for it to send me my password reset email.

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O my goodness! Yes that helps. But what is this? 1992?

I know from my subscriber list of 7000+ customers, most and emails get denied, and apple does not have a feedback loop for senders like yahoo and microsoft do.
If apple deems it to be marketing, tough luck, you likely won’t get it

for what it’s worth, I’m not a fan of this new forum format so far. I miss the ability to preview topics and mark them as read without having to open them and having the links in the header were very, very handy, now they are gone, and you have to jump through a few more hoops to get to the new unread content

Almost 24 hours and still no email. So is anyone from CS-Cart even reading this forum, and if so, do they have a desire to help me? I have a Gmail address that could be used instead of the one but I currently have no way to change that since my password doesn’t work. Help!

We have found email is spam. Please check it as well

Not in spam. Someone from CS-Cart has contacted me by PM. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Yay! I’m back! Thanks to @vstepanov for your help!



I’m sorry to hear that you’ve faced such issue.

Please check PM. We’ll figure it out.

Something about this new forum layout makes me not want to visit it anymore.

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Dear forum administration,

The cyrillic symbols are not supported, there is a coding issue, please help. Example link.

Best regards,


Sorry to hear that you’ve faced such an issue. Unfortunately, our previous forum database kept all the data in latin1 charset, and cyrillic characters (and many other unicode symbols) were stored via various hacks.

Unfortunately, during the migration process we were unable to fix all issues with encoding and old forum tags.

In case you’ll need to edit such messages (that were created a long time ago), please provide me a list of these messages and required changes in PM. I’ll be glad to help you.

I can’t disagree with you. Navigation principles on our new forum is kinda different comparing to our previous forum. However after a certain amount of time you’ll get used to it.

@automatednow we’ll change categories structure in nearest future, so navigation will be more convenient.

Also I wanted to mention that Discourse has Sidebar feature. It adds new hamburget menu that toggles sidebar on left side of the page. With it’s functionality, it will help users with navigation on our forum as well. We’ll enable this feature as soon as we change category structure.

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I’ll chime in and say that it took me a while to get used to Discourse. Previously, I was more accustomed to IP.Board and similar-looking forums. And they seemed to make a complex structure of sections and subsections look better.

Eventually, Discourse grew on me. Posting and managing became easier (with things like instant topic preview and the ability to use Markdown, bbCode and HTML all in one post). It even became easier to keep track of the latest topics and hop into a discussion.

And as @vstepanov said, we have more improvements planned. Like simpler structure for easier navigation, and maybe something else further down the line.

Hello, vstepanov!

Thank you for your reply.

The total number of those messages may exceed 1000, there are tens of releases in each of our 150+ threads.

Also, we do not have an ability to edit old posts at all at the moment.

Are there any better solutions?

Best regards,

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Thank you kindly for your feedback.

This limitation came from the standard Discourse settings that allows users to edit their messages only for next 2 months after posting. But it does not meet our requirements and our vision on forum communications.

We’ve decided to allow all users to edit their messages without any limitation. So now you can modify all your previous messages without any issues.

If someone will abuse this feature, we will reconsider our approach to post editing.