Those with multilingual websites - whats your approach?

Hi Guys, we are soon to add around 5 languages to our website, and I'm grappling with the best way to approach it, in terms of performance, SEO, and even payment methods.

Reading up on Google and SEO, it seems the best approach for ranking a site in each language, is to purchase the Top Level Domain (TLD) for each country. For example;


The two other approaches are to go with subdomains; or folders; but apparently this doesn't impact quite as well in each geographic location.

I would love to hear from anyone that has a working multilingual store, and how they approach the SEO and day to day running of it.

We are also wanting to add Arabic, I realise there are people here offering that service, but i haven't yet figured out how to switch the layout to RTL for that language only.

And finally, our merchant only settles in Australian dollars. It looks like I'll need to move that to a cc merchant that can settle in multiple currencies. (we have NAB here, but they require a bank account for EACH currency you want to process which is a PITA)



Easiest with cs-cart, and working fine, is to simply use subdirectories. I[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]n google webmaster you can target each language as an individual website this way.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]So you can target /fr for french, and /en for UK or global, for example. This way your french results will rank higher in the french search engines, and so on.[/font][/color] As for Credit card acquirer, as well as PSP, I highly recommend Adyen: [url=“”][/url]

They are not only a psp but also acquirer, have great rates, and accept just about anything (also many local / alternative payment methods. We are currently looking into integration.

The only issue might be: they have a minimum of 100 euro per month for transaction costs, but this includes 1000 transactions so it's pretty cheap.

Hi Flow, thanks for your reply. Adyen looks interesting, but I don't see it as a payment method in CS Cart. Did you have some custom work done to integrate it into CSC?



My clients use the subdirectory approach and all their transactions are settled in USD. They keep the currency conversion up to date but it can be problematic when customer places an order for 25.00 pounds which converts to some dollar amount on the day of the order. But then when they view their order a couple of days later and the currency rate has changed, they may not see the 25.00 amount.

I don't think cs-cart is geared toward settling in different currencies since everything is converted to the CART_PRIMARY_CURRENCY for the transaction. Either way has difficulties depending on the actual currency valuation at various times during the life of the order.

Hi Scott,

cs-cart doesn't have integration with Adyen. But I'm looking into that and am planning to have this finished in a couple of weeks.

Hey Flow, good to know mate thanks.

@Tony, thanks, you're quite correct. We are facing that issue now with clients who have paid in another currency.

Yeah, you just have to explain that they were charged the amount they saw on their original order invoice and that viewing the order on the site will show them the valuation of the current currency conversion (could be better, could be worse). Be nice if the converted currency amount was stored in the order so everyone could see what the customer purchased at and what the converted amount was at the time of the order. But not sure it's really worth it.

Hi Flow,

Any news on the Ayden payment module? ;-)

Any news for Ayden payment integration?

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Any news for Ayden payment integration?


If you need help with Ayden integration, feel free to contact me.