This page contains both secure and nonsecure items

how can i change my cart and chekout shouldnt popup a warining

“This page contains both secure and nonsecure items”



I’m not getting any secure warnings in FF or IE. Normally, an error like this is from an image that is hard linked as http, or a javascript file from another site like those for the SSL provider seals.

I am not getting anying either…

It happens in MSIE 6

Hmm, sorry, cannot check, I don’t know anyone who still uses IE6 and is brave enough to keep that malware on their computer…

I am getting this nonsecure content message in IE8 when visiting an https page, it appears the “30 day guarantee” image is the problem as shown on this page of your site: [url][/url]

I had the same problem.

What I did is opening source of thу html file in the browser and searching for “http://” appearance through the file. What I paid attention is to source urls that load the http:// content in secure pages. Outbound http:// links do not do any harm to the SSL connection to be 100% secure. If you find such inbound (source) urls, just change them to https:// in appropriate areas of your admin area, whether these are in blocks or in your text areas.

Go to my site and check. Everything works just fine!

I opened the source file cant find anything

any way its only in ie 6 still wanted to fix it