this is so weird: empty orders, phantom orders

Today i received an order which I have called “the phatom order”

No name, no address, no email, no phone, no nothing!!! absolutely nothing, just the item added: a printer, that’s it!!!:eek:

At the end ther was a warning message saying the customers had changed the username (email)

yeah, right, what email??? Even the email was blank. I couldn’t blink for 5 minutes staring at the screen!!!:shock:

How can this be? I mean, all fields except for 2 are mandatory , it is not a new cart, I have been getting “normal” orders all week. How can this even happen?

Another thing, I didn’t know the user could change his username, if I selected that I can not remember where I did it. I do not want to allow the user to change his login email any time he pleases, he may change his address but not the login email, where can I select that?

Thanks a million for your possible explanatios/solutions/ideas

This is the weirdest thing that has heppened to me since i suse this cart!:?

Note: my cart version is 1.3.5 SP4

The customer took too long to continue the process whereas the cart timed out. This has been discussed somewhere.

wow! that was a fast reply!

I still do not understand how the cart can allow the order to take place in such situations, I mean, I got the open order notification with all those fields in blank. My 1st thought was " a joke from a hacker letting me know the worst comes next" :frowning:

what about the message saying the customer changed his email (username)?

Good to know.

I also received 2 of these recently and had similar thoughts.

Also, I occasionally received failed orders due to the customer not entering the name on the credit card even thought these are required fields during the checkout process.???


Yeah! Some time I also receive this blank orders, it’s very strange. Hope that cs-cart dev team can came up with a solution in new versions.


There is a solution. You can change the time limit that the cart times out. Look for it. It may be in the bug tracker?

I take the risk of making this sound sound awful of me but… what a relief to know I’m not the only one!!! :rolleyes:

this blank order issue is very serious. if the customer is not aware of it, he may think he placed an order which the store just ignored. If he is aware of this issue and does it on purpose, well, we’re giving somone the tools to ruin our day. :frowning:

Tool Outfitters, where exactly is that timing out info?


I hope the problem is solved, I have now :

define(‘SESSION_ALIVE_TIME’, 57600); in my sessions.php file.