This is a GREAT cart

I made the mistake of going with another cart mainly because it was asp and my whole site used windows hosting and I used FrontPage for development - it was so easy to just create the files in FP and click publish and using FP extensions made it easy to do anything I wanted to do with the site.

The time came when I needed to add a cart to my site that already had general pages and an asp forum. I mulled over whether to go to php but the learning curve would be to great so I narrowed my cart choices down to VPASP and Comersus. Boy was I wrong. After over a month to try and get my cart sorted I just gave up in frustration and disgust.

I then began the task of looking at all carts, both asp and php, and ended up looking at just over 70 carts - several days of hard work that was totally wasted because one of those carts was CS-CART. Had I known about this at the beginning I would not have wasted over a month of struggling with another cart and then several days of evaluating so many carts.

Whilst all the great features that other carts boast about, and as I have found out the hard way those features have only been half done anyway, are not in CS-CART 1.3.3 there are so many great new features that are coming out in the next release. If 1.3.3 is anything to go by I feel very relaxed believing that those features for 1.3.4 are getting done properly, unlike other carts.

I am so impressed with the ease of use that CS-CART is to both the user and Admin. It is still early days yet but one of the biggest problems with my other cart was support - they took hours to do anything and charge me points for fixing bugs (I had to complain to get the support points back), but I really do hope that support remains great as I seem to be experiencing in these early days.

This forum is also fantastic in the way that users are helping each other especially by helping each other with free mods. So all, I know nothing about php and are somewhat scared about coming over from my Microsoft camp to the “Dark Side” so please be gentle with me and my stupid questions.

I can say, with experience of having been burnt by another cart software, that CS-CART is a great way to go.

i agree ian. although looking for a few days brought you here and

told you this was the right choice, so those few days of investigation werent

a miss at all i believe.

i am also a professional asp programmer as well as php and believe me:

you’ll get the hang of php in no time…dont worry…

i find php a little more powerful and versatile…(and i’ve made some huge corporate extranets in asp/mssql)

good luck ian. you made the right choice i believe.

back in the days I used X-Crap, got sick of it and then I bought the comersus aspx cart, don’t ask me what I was thinking other then X-Crap sucks, what a complete waste of money, zero support from the comersus clowns, what a bunch of morons, then I switched back to X-Crap, experienced the same problems and switched to CS and CS Rocks in all areas of professional ecommerce stores…

I have to agree also. My cart has been functional for about 1 month. I have run 30k worth of sales through, about 11-12k hits a day and it doesnt miss a beat. A few small support questions, other than that. Its phenomenal. The support desk is very good also. Im very happy

[QUOTE]First super cool killer mod is done, ETA TBA !!![/QUOTE]

c’mon sno: post the mod!

[quote name=‘nwsco’]c’mon sno: post the mod![/QUOTE]

when v1.3.4 goes live the CS Mod Team will release our first mod…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]when v1.3.4 goes live the CS Mod Team will release our first mod…[/QUOTE]

what is this “CS Mod Team”?

very interested

the CS Mod Team is exactly that, the CS Mod Team makes killer super cool mods…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]the CS Mod Team is exactly that, the CS Mod Team makes killer super cool mods…[/QUOTE]

ok, i understood that :slight_smile:

but is it part of the official cs-cart team?

is it a private commercial unit?

or an opensource group?

The CS Mod Team is Top Secret…:slight_smile:

aaah…as in 007?

pssst: got it now. wont ask again.