This is a great cart

Just wanted everyone - from people checking this cart out to the veterans and cs-cart, this cart is great!!!

ive been using this cart now for 3 years. I had 1.3.3 and it was awsome. I was always procrastinating upgrading. It was great as is. Then i kept seeing all of the great additions. So i took the plunge and did a fresh install of the new cart. I just started putting in new products and the new features are so great! This is so much better than the old version.

So for all of you looking at this cart and are on the fence. Go ahead, Play with the demo. I fell in love with this cart all over again.

Great work to everyone involved !!!

Agreed… Even though I haven’t been on board for near as long.

I would agree that CS has built a very robust site! The bells and whistles are sweet, the price is very good and the overall flow of the cart is one of the best out there.