This cart is too slow, Thinking of going to Avactis cart

Anyone use Avactis? How does it compare?

[sup]Not sure…but over the last month my cart has slowed way down. Takes around 10-15 seconds to load every page.[/sup]

Cs-Cart is very demanding of resources… but 10-15 second page loads sounds like a server issue

Yes, that should be a server issue, or a very crappy host.

Avavtis is OK, but much simpler then cs-cart and less user friendly.

I'd first try to get a good host… cs-cart really isn't that heavy out of the box and should run fine on most hosts. I've installed it on shared hosts, cheap vps's and actually never had a problem with it being slow at customer side. Admin side is sometimes a bit slow, but that's to be expected cause things are being rebuild there.

Not sure if its the host or not. When I started using it, it was fine, great speed, etc. It just started slowing up the last few weeks

If you've not added a ton of new products/categories/filters/options then your host has probably loaded up the server to get the most bang for their buck.

First thing to do is to complain to your host. Let them know you run a shopping cart that is very database-centric and uses a large amount of file I/O. Maybe they can move you to a more lightly loaded server.

No way…

turn statistics off in settings…(addons)

Also… [url=“TIP: Debugging and Profiling - Developers' Corner - CS-Cart Community Forums”]TIP: Debugging and Profiling - Developers' Corner - CS-Cart Community Forums

to see how to debug