Thinking on moving from ZenCart to CS-Cart

You can find the main differences between community and pro here…


[quote name=‘cacofonix’]The thing is what can I do with the Community Edition? From the comparison I haven’t understood the main differences.

OK, I don’t have multilingual. No problem.

What about the support?[/QUOTE]

Hello cacofonix,

No free support service is added to the CS-Cart Community Edition license (it is added only in case of purchasing the CS-Cart Professional Edition or CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition license). If you would like to use our support service, you need to order either support credits or a support period on the “Services” page in your Help Desk account.

Thank you.

Mikhail Ponomarev

CS-Cart Support team

Hi Cacofonix,

Wekcine to the forum.

From somebody who started with the whole webshop idea about 10 months ago, here’s some advice:

Just try the community edition… read the knowledge base to understand things and look in the forum if you can’t find something there. Almost every question has been answered in the forum.

A tip is to also use google to search in the forum. It sometimes works better then the forum search. Let’s say I want to remove the powered by text at the bottom of the shop. What I would do then is search in google for: “cs-cart powered by”, and you will find the answer. See [url]cs-cart remove powered by[/url] - Google Suche

If you need more support post something here, and the community will help you most of the time.

As for your design, $600 for 2 shops is a good price. What you can also do is look or a cs-cart template that you like, and go from there. This saves a lot of time and will make development cheaper. Or you could even do it yourself.

There are also some pretty good templates for sale. Here’s a nice list of developers and skinners to get you started: [url][/url] (to everyone: feel free to add sites that you think should be in there! For developers, this is a nice link to have to your site)

Good luck and especially, enjoy! I found building a shop a fun and exciting thing to do!