Thinking about switching carts..question

As I started digging back into a fairly major overhaul on our store … using Agora Cart,…I had to ask myself why I am spending so much time digging into low level perl/cgi to get things working the way I want. I think it’s time to move out of the 90’s and move to something more current, easier to maintain, has more standard features, etc…

So I have been reviewing carts and this one seems to be a heck of a value for the money.

Couple questions…

It looks like PHP/SQL … will I need a java runtime environment on the server or just PHP and MySQL?

Approximately how many installs are out there?


I personally can’t speak to your Java question due to my lack of knowledge in that area but in response to your question regarding the number of installs I found the following thread a pretty interesting read.


I picked up CS Cart a few months ago and your right, for the price, the number of features and how easy it is to work with is great and I’ve tried many different carts.

No Java required.


Good stuff thanks. I ended up having to change hosting anyway to get PHP 5 and the new plan has java as well…so pressing forward with the install.

I have been evaluating a new cart myself. CS-Cart and Pinnacle cart are my two top options right now. It looks as though pinnacle cart has more options. But from what I have read on the reviews around the net is that the customer service and support for Pinnacle cart sucks. While CS seems to get great customer service reviews.

It also looks like there are some cheap modules out there to make up for the missing functions