- 2 New 2.0 Templates!

2 new CS-Cart 2.0 templates are now online along with their demos. You can view the new clothing template here and the new car parts template here. You may also view their online demos here: Please let us know if you have any questions or comments, thank you.

Phew! That’s a lot of bucks.

[quote name=‘roban’]Phew! That’s a lot of bucks.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for your feedback. However if you search the internet for ecommerce templates that are built for complex ecommerce platforms similar to CS-Cart 2.0 and not simple scripts like Quick Cart, you’ll find our prices to be quite competitive. Here are 3 quick examples:

  1. [url]Web Design Software. All TemplateMonster Templates
  2. [url]7 Jaudīgi Home Remedies par miokardīts ārstēšana jūs vēlaties zināt
  3. [url][/url]

    Having said that we’re a company who listens to feedback and we’re willing to hear what you and others feel is both a fair and appropriate price for our templates. Please PM us or email us with your suggestions and we’ll take them under serious consideration, thank you.

    Oh and don’t forget CS-Cart forum members always get a 20% discount just by entering “cs-cart-forum”, cheers.

Well, the templates you offer do look quite professional with nice attention to detail, & hey, the additional 20% is nothing to take too lightly either!

Keep building them! :wink:

The price isnt bad at all if you want an out of the box solution and dont like the default skins. Seriously Ive put $100 out just in getting parts of my custom skin coded (mostly due to my struggles with tableless CSS knowledge) and some PSD to HTML conversion work.

That being said, my only issue with out of the box skins are that you lose the originality once people start buying them. Not that custom skins cant be duplicated, but you get the idea.

Good looking skins though!

Thank you for all of your feedback, we really appreciate it. If you ever have any suggestions that we use on our site you’ll get a free template! So PM us or email us with your suggestions and you’ll get your choice of any of our CS-Cart templates! Have a great weekend!