The website uses the Responsive Template


We have changed our website, the site now runs on CMS CS-Cart Professional Edition 3.0.6 (old site used CMS Drupal)

The website uses the Responsive Template.

Template automatically adapts to different screen widths:

320px, 480px, 600px, 800px, 1200px

See our new Responsive Templates for CS-Cart 3.0.6 - Works Live Demo

NIce Work, but you still have the same problem with the mega menu (its getting out ont hte right side and this is very strong in smaller widhts) like in this one [url=“[C]=cs300055-ruby”][C]=cs300055-ruby[/url]

Try to resize it and then go to menu Brands, you ll see what I mean.

I know this is not your fault but I was hopping for a solution on that…