The Tracking "background.gif" Of Cs-Cart

In the admin panel, just after log in, if you view the source of page(using any internet navigator), you can see at the bottom of the file the following line:

I think this little pixel is being used by cs-cart as a tracking code that helps them to know how many websites are running the cart.

I understand this, but I want to remove this “tracking” code, because I don´t want cs-cart know the times I open the admin panel.

I have paid the right cs-cart licenses and I am asking for privacy.


Good to know that.

Hello Padinsoft,

This feature is also used for searching CS-Cart installations with no CS-Cart licenses, in order to prevent fraud usage of CS-Cart licenses. So, if you want to remove this feature, please contact us via Customer Help Desk

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team

Yes, this is good to know. I did not realize they were doing this.

While I know software companies/persons want to protect their property, at what point do I as a user get to protect my privacy? Are there any other surprises hidden in the software that we do not know about?

This isn't something new, is present in x-cart too from the beginning and other commercial scripts.

Will not influence your privacy, don't worry.

Is tracking only the domain name where the cs-cart was installed,

and if is different from that one entered during the checkout

the author will know it, nothing other.

No one will track your traffic.