The Shopify For Web 3.0 App - Don't Get Sleep People

Hello All,

let's talk about web 3.0 and metaverse and cs-cart.

I just saw a tiktok saying that Shopify is preparing to build a platform for traditional ecommerce companies to provide smart contract ecommerce web 3.0 as service.

what do you guys, what all cs-cart communities think about it?

we already know that the Wallmart(Biggest American retail store chain) is already in metaverse. it's like gaming experience, you can buy items with accepted crypto and they will ship it to you. but it's like 3d gaming experience and completely different than traditional ecommerce.

yea, somehow the world is turning to metaverse and even Google is very soon include pay with crypto for their payment system.

for sure, crypto communities are growing so fast that, even in some countries like Turkey have 18%, Russia have 11% or 14%, and some European countries like Germany have 5% or 7% of population use crypto. it's huge and will grow more in future.

What do you guys think about web 3.0 and metaverse? doing business on metaverse? anyone have already experienced or not?

And in cs-cart company, still we didn't see any crypto payment included in payment systems of cs-cart or I don't know it.

how to make work with web 3.0? does cs-cart v5.0 include any integration?

would you want to use cs-cart in metaverse?

let's chat and please share your opinion. it's helpful for many people to understand new virtual world.

Apple Pay is integrating crypto currency in to their payment system.

so Google Pay, Apple Pay both will include crypto.