The security of our customers' information.

I was editing my Privacy Policy and I started wondering.

Is any of the information we collect ever viewed or stored OFF our sites ?

( without our knowledge )

I want to be able to promise my customers that their details are safe with me.

Hello termalert,

Thank you for your request.

If you use the standard CS-Cart installation without any third-party add-ons and code modifications, you can be sure that no sensitive customer information is collected somewhere out of your store database. Still we cannot ensure this if some third-party add-ons (code modifications) are used in your store.

Additionally, I would like to tell that CS-Cart is designed to meet the latest security requirements. One of such requirements is PCI compliance. More information about it you can read on our website:


Thank you.


Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hi Pavel.

So sorry about this late response but I need

to clarify what Third Party Add ons are.

In a fresh installation there are many add ons

Admin > Add ons > long list.

Which of these is third party ?

Third party addons are addons that you purchase from third parties and install yourself or have that party install. All of the addons that are part of CS-Cart with a fresh install are not third party addons since they are developed and maintained by CS-Cart.



Thanks Brandon.

Wishing you well in your enterprises.