The product will not be imported into current currency

The product will not be imported into your current currency.
For example, the product amount is 1,594,500.00.
If you import the product, it will be 1.00.
I’m using the product currency add-on, and it sometimes works when I set Currency as the default currency in field mapping, but it doesn’t work properly, and it works the same way even if I turn off this add-on. Some amounts become 1 and some amounts become 84.
I wonder why I have this problem. Someone please help me.


Do you provide the price in the format you wrote or without these separators? What do you mean by “currency addon”?

Best regards

Hi. Thank you for reply
It is an add-on to cs-commerce. That doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this issue.
I solved the problem, but I couldn’t get the correct price unless I set the number format in the Price cell format to General.
First of all, the problem has been solved.

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