The Order In Which Promotions Are Displayed.

When you click on our 'Promotions' link at top of page you see

a list of active promotions.

What determines the order in which they are displayed ?

I would like to display the non-Registered members promo first

and the Registered Members' promotions underneath.

They appear in the order set on the admin promotions page.

Setting the sort to alpha ( in admin ) doesn't change the sort visible to customers.

Promotions support only the following sorting:

  • by promotion name
  • by promotion priority
  • by zone
  • by status

    The default sorting for the promotions is “Promotion name”.

    If you want to change this behavior, additional code modifications are required.

If the default sort order is by name then

'Buy 3 or more…' should display above 'Members 35% off…'.

Giving 'Buy 3 or more…' priority of 1 and 'Members 35% off…' priority of 2

made no difference.


Bingo !!

The default sort when Promotions link is clicked is in 'reverse' alpha order.