The Now Infamous 4.3.9 > 4.3.10 Road Block

I am getting tired of searching for a solution only to find a response
from Simtech like...
Thank you for the message.
The issue is required to be investigated on your side.
Please contact our technical support team and provide them with access details to your store in order that our specialist could investigate the issue on your side.
Thank you.
Validation issue

Validator "Restore" returned fail status


			Unable to prepare restore script.

Means squat to me but so does almost anything to do with CS-Cart under the

This info may help, check out the following:

Thank you very much maxam.

Checked what I could but it appears
to be something I couldn't.

Another one for support although I don't understand why, if it

can check the php timeout setting, it doesn't check for the other stuff.

Support provided this fix. Maybe it won't help everybody here but it's worth a try.
Even I was able to apply it.

There is a bug in CS-Cart < 4.9.2 version related to page headers, when script couldn't parse pages with HTTP/2 headers. In order to fix it, please open file app/Tygh/Http.php and replace this line:
while (strpos(ltrim($content), 'HTTP/1') === 0) {

with this one:
while (strpos(ltrim($content), 'HTTP/') === 0) {

Then save the file and check the upgrade function.