The new "Vkontakte" add-on is available for testing.

Vkontakte is a popular social networking website in Russia and CIS. The ‘Vkontakte’ add-on will allow you to integrate some services offered by the Vkontakte social networking website to your store.

Only the ‘Add to My Wish List’ button is implemented from all available services at this moment.

Download link: [url][/url]

Install this add-on and open the settings page.

Merchant ID: an online store identifier, it is assigned when you register your online store in the Vkontakte website.

Secret key: will also be generated when you register your online store there.

Currency: may be set in the 3-letters or numerical format according to the ISO 4217 standard. Only the rubles currency (RUB, 643) is supported at the moment.

After the add-on is installed, the ‘Add to VK Wishlist’ button will appear on the product details page. When clicking this button, there will appear the form for adding of this product to the wish list.

To register your online store in the Vkontakte website, you can use the following link: [url]Für Entwickler | VK

Please test this add-on and let me know the results, whether we should improve something or correct any bugs or not.

Thank you. I look forward to your feedback.

The ‘Vkontakte’ add-on got a new ability of products export to the Vkontakte catalog.

The following changes will appear after the installation of this add-on:

  1. A new ‘VK product category’ field will appear on a product details page (in the Add-ons tab) in the administration area. It is necessary to specify the product category to which your product will be related (the ‘Other’ category will be specified by default) in this field.

  2. Also, a new ‘Vkontakte’ tab will appear on the Export page in the Products section.

    The process of products export to the Vkontakte catalog is performed the same as usual products export to a csv file.

    It is possible to review the exported products on the page of editing your store (on the Vkontakte site) in the ‘Catalog’ tab.

    The link to download this add-on is still the same: [url][/url]