The new version of the picture problems


After the new version to 2.1 switch product page at the bottom of the image distortions occurred in the small picture. Adjust the settings from the small picture of a kind ayarlıyamadım it. Can you be helpful in this regard. Thank you in advance.

are very concerned

Look inside this template file:

/skins/{YOUR SKIN}/customer/views/products/components/product_images.tpl

The height of the thumbnails is set in the jquery call to jcarousel:

var i_height = $('.cm-thumbnails-mini').outerHeight(true);

That said, the thumbnails always end up square; That’s just how the javascript works. Most stores require square images to ensure a consistent look for the site’s product images.

Imagine trying to deal with images if you’re selling fishing poles or rolls of carpet. If the images are very tall and very skinny, how does the previewer handle them? Considering how small the thumbs are, trying to click on a super skinny image to see the detailed version would frustrate the customer.

Solution: Create square image for upload. So, I suggest you take the product image (and I’m not sure why it wasn’t square to begin with), and add some white space on the top and bottom to make it square. Reupload the image via the product edit page and the thumbs will look much better.