The Case of the Missing Notifications

I just launched and it’s been pointed out that the ajax error/update/added-to-cart notifications no longer appear on the site. I’m not sure when they disappeared during the design process but this a huge usability issue right now.

It doesn’t appear to be a setting in the admin control panel as far as I can tell, so I’m guessing it must be something in a template or CSS override, but I can’t track it down at the moment…

Any ideas?

Every page should have an empty div element on it with a class name that contains ‘notification’. Your home page does not have this. Hence I would conclude that you have messed up a template somewhere where the notification container is added to the page.

Aha, good point. Do you know where this empty container usually resides in the template hierarchy?

My skin is modded via my changes and a few inline hacks from the included Austere skin if that helps…

Nope, I’d have to search just like you would…

Alrighty, figured it out. Turns out I had been overzealous in my index:columns override when I was trying to move the breadcrumbs to place them under the page heading. The notification include got deleted along with the original breadcrumbs include when I moved it.

Case solved. Oh, and the ghost was actually old man Withers all along :wink:

Amazing how often he wakes up… :slight_smile: Glad you got it solved.