Thanks Ecomlabs

I just wanted to do a "shout out" to ecomlabs, I have noticed that they regularly respond to forums with useful information and code. They do it often and I have found a number of their responses informative. In a time where there is a lot of take-take-take it is good to someone with such knowledge supporting the cs-cart community. There are others to (such as EZ), but for me ecomlabs is a stand-out.

:grin: Yay :grin: ecomlabs :grin:

Yes, EcomLabs is great, I would also say he is #1 good supporter on this cs-cart forums.

EcomLabs, and couple others are great people who is not from cs-cart company but also really good understands cs-cart users/demands and have a good knowledge on cs-cart framework.

If there was not EcomLabs, probably I wouldn't be here too. now my plan is buy a extra license from cs-cart and keep development in future. why I said this? because once I was feel so bad because of cs-cart forum admins and developers around. I almost completely thinking to leave cs-cart at all and started looking for other platforms. but last moment EcomLabs gave me a honest and making sense answer for my question. that moment I had to stop every thing to think and made a decision to continue learn cs-cart. Fotos or Fetos, Valentine also good supporters and they have a great knowledge on cs-cart, but they are very rare in these days.

A good developers and addons sellers are EcomLabs, Card-Power, WebKul, and SoftSolid. these developer's custom price are cheaper than Simtech, which is cs-cart's company. also their ego also low, have good customer support.