Textarea is not a textarea then!!!!

Is there any reason why we cannot enter HTML tags in textareas for “product options”?

We have tried so many WYSIWYG editors but the whole thing ends up in a mess called “Stripping off the HTML by CSC”!!!

Does anyone knows how to stop this “stripping off” FEATURE?

I believe this would help everyone running a personalized products business, this might cause some security issues but everyone doesn’t have to do this, is it.

Please give me your thoughts and suggestion on this,. Thanks


Anybody please??

How to switch off the “HTML strip” code…?

No one has any answer for this?


I have personalized products, but don’t understand why you would need html tags in customer text fields/areas. How are you using the field?

You also did not mention what version you are on.

The version I am using allows a description for each option and html can be used in the description for the field.


Where exactly are you talking about, my option text area allows html if thats what you mean? Can you post a screenshot


Hello pbannette & johnbol1,

Thanks for your comments.

The page link is below where my client wants a simple WYSIWYG editor instead a plain textarea. A WYSIWYG editor will allow customers to format the text i.e font colours, font size, bold and underline properties etc in ordering process.


We have tried various WYSIWYG editors but they don’t work because CS Cart’s code strips the HTML tags when data is submitted to shopping cart. All HTML tags are lost.

We will appreciate if you could assist us in switching off this particular piece of code.


What are you exporting? If you are talking about data feeds to google, etc…most of them do not allow HTML which is why it is stripped. If you could give more detail of what exactly you are doing, we may be able to help.

Hello, please help me on this… It is very urgent!!!

Sorry I cant help you on this one, Have you asked CS?


Hi John,

Yes I am in contact with them.

Will keep you updated with any progress.