Text on catalog page


Can anyone tell me what file I need to edit to insert text/html at the top of my catalog.html page?

For some reason this page is not available in design in the admin.

Thank so much for your help !

If you you are using 2.0.9, you can create a new block (either HTML or Unique HTML) on the categories tab and place it at the top of the central content.


Yes, I am not sure but would that show up on all the category pages; I only want this on the first page (catalog.hml)?

Thanks jojosales, you are always hepful.

You can use the Unique HTML block type to specify different HTML for each product. Unfortunately, this will still not solve your problem because there is no way to create a block for the catalog root.

Try modifying /YOURSKIN/basic/customer/views/categories/catalog.tpl (there is even a hook there) but your custom HTML will appear below the “Categories” header.


Thanks Bob, it’s worth a try. I will let you know how it turns out. I will do this in my changes to be safe.

Hi Bob, it worked right the first time … wow… I could not believe it.