Text Banners issue


I am om 2.0.12.

I have a very simple text banner on my homepage (left colum in red), but the ad link doesn’t seem work.

The code is a simple text plus a hyperlink to another page (you can easily see the status bar, but the redirection doesn’t work:

I am expecting the page to land on this: [URL=“http://www.mydomain.com/en/contact-us.html”]http://www.mydomain.com/en/contact-us.html[/URL]

but it actually gets stuck on a blank page…

any idea is appreciated… especially I would like to know if this is a 2.0.12 issue or is present in other releases as well

thanks in advance




as your link.

Or try using an HTML block instead of a text banner. Text banners are really redundant now that we have HTML blocks unless you need to track the number of clicks.


spot on jobosales…

thanks a lot I hadn’t notice the HTML block, thanks!!!: D