Testing upgrade vom 4.16.1 to 4.16.2 (Multi Vendor)

I created a dev server based on the instructions of cs-cart.
On this dev server i upgraded to 4.16.2 (because my license included that version).

Now I got an error message on the storefronts, called

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /prod/dev/app/functions/fn.common.php on line 8704

The function to put a product in the cart looks also strange.
Is this a general problem or are there special solutions?

Best regards


In clear CS-Cart distributive version 4.16.2, there is no foreach construct in the file app/functions/fn.common.php at the line 8704, so I may assume that your installation has some changes in the core files, that may cause issues.

You can check list of changed files in the File Changes Detector.