Testing Site

Hi Everyone,

I am totally lost, I am building my cs-cart on a new server without my dns currently being pointed, and hope to go live within the next couple of days.

Problem, my cs-cart is within a folder called shop, so technically a separate entity, working fine within the testing environment.

My html site will be hosted in the root, how do i write my links from my html site to my cs-cart

have no idea how to relative link from my html (dreamweaver) to my cs-cart (not dreamweaver)

the absolute link are totally incorrect because it is in a testing server environment

Can't afford to go live and then redo all the links, site may be down for 24 hours or so, depending on how long propagation of dns takes, time difference in au making it all the worse

Has anyone else had this issue and how did they deal with it

My current site and cart (not cs-cart) is actually live with another host

Time short, need my site up and working for a big show I have with all my products Wednesday week

Would love to be able to test the links prior to going live but if not possible, then I will just have to be extra extra careful in writing the links lol