Testing Shipping Method

So I have a Vendor in Canada and we setup a Canada Post API and everything is going well. My store is located in Oklahoma. When I go to Test the Shipping Method Canada Post returns illegal Zip Code error and my address is displayed as the origin and the destination. The vendors address should be displayed as the origin of shipments and API Tests.

So question is, how to I change $origination from my Company Address to the Vendor Address. I can’t even find which PHP file this pulls from.



Sadly, that's just how it works.

Oops - I was wrong.

There are two positions that you can enter an address for “from” and “to” points when testing shipping:

  1. Settings > Company (This should be the Admin's contact info)
  2. Settings > General (Default Location)

Hi there! Did you manage to find a solution for this? I am also looking to use the Canada Post API along with UPS API. I would like to know which files I should modify if I want to calculate the rates based on the Vendors' address instead of mine. In a multi-vendor store where vendors could be located in different parts of the country, it doesn't make sense to use my default location to calculate real-time shipping rates.

Any tips would be highly appreciate. Thanks.