Testimonials Mystery Disappearing


Using 'PRODUCT_VERSION', '4.12.2.SP2' .

I migrated a batch of store testimonials by adding manually into devel store.

Recently all the testimonials that had been added have been wiped.


I added a new test testimonial and it observed that new entries get created

in the `cscart_discussion_messages` ; `cscart_discussion_posts` ;`cscart_discussion`


So looks like the testimonials get added to the same tables as product reviews



Those product reviews though have remained intact, its just the testimonial

posts that are getting wiped.

Anyone have any idea what might be occurring here?



My testimonials frequently get wiped too.

Turns out, testimonials, as a thread, get attached to newly created vendors.

One way it was happening was that if that vendor got deleted so did the testimonials.

Got a fix, not sure if it's a general one though.