Testimonials and Reviews Automatically generated coupon codes

Hello all,

Im using v2.1.4 and want to simply set up a reward system for users that take the time to write a Review on the our website.

Sounds simple enough and something that you’d expect to be integral in cs-carts “Reviews and comments” addon…

But when setting up a Automatically generated coupon codes Cart Promotion I see no “Condition” option for the conditions needed.

ie: theres no condition shown for , “Product Review Approval” nor “Registered User”

So is there something wrong with the cart or has someone neglected to Join-the-Dots when this addon was designed?

I guess this also means that the author wont receive a Coupon Code to enter upon their next purchase in the “Review Approved” notification email sent from the cart?

Kind of understandable as the Promotions seem to be only generated at the “Order Creation” event. It would be great to also have an “Events” Tab in addition to the “Conditions” Tab. Hmmm … i feel complication looming…

If anyone knows of a Reviews Addon for this, Id like to be pointed in the right direction.