tested my site with aboutus.org says site has 3 H1 headings

So I used the site aboutus.org to teste my site

It says my site has 3 H1 headings on the homepage.

I haven’t changed any code for the home page and it’s default:

First h1 tag

Sign in

looks like the user sign in link is set to h1 by default

Second h1 tag, this below i think is correct

my Site Description is written here

Third h1 tag
h1 class="mainbox2-title clear">Featured Products

I have a block on the mainpage called Featured Products. So it automatically made it h1 heading.

Should I change all this so I only have ONE h1 heading? Rename them to h2? :confused:

[I] * Problem : A web page should have just one H1 heading. Using more than one H1 can confuse both search engines and people about what's most important on the page.

Why do the H1 headings matter?

The H1 heading is an important sentence or phrase on a web page that quickly, clearly and concisely outlines what people and search engines can expect to find there.

Just as a book has one title, search experts recommend a single H1 heading for each page, including the home page.

The H1 heading appears in the web page's content itself, unlike the page title, which people will see mostly in search results.

The H1 tag is usually listed first among the other heading tags for a page. However, none of the major search engines will penalize a site for listing H2 through H6 tags ahead of the H1 tag.

Writing an H1 heading that's different from the title can be useful. Each can target different keywords that are important to a web page. [/I]